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Head2Toe Healing


The Client_ Jennifer Love HewittLet’s start out on the right foot — a professional foot. If you think that being a masseuse even slightly resembles what Jennifer Love Hewitt portrays in the LMN series THE CLIENT – you are in for a shock.

There are no happy endings on my table, but there are plenty of happy beginnings and far more relaxed endings.

LMN is the business of ratings. I am in the business of helping you to de-stress muscles, unknot your shoulder and leave feeling 100% better than you did when you walked into the salon.

Thank God I am not plagued with unprofessional questions about sexual propositions, but for the few times that I have, I’d like to make it clear:  I am not Jennifer L. Hewitt or an actress or an unprofessional character. I am seriously interested in your well-being and quality of life on a daily.

I suppose if you de-stress via massage often your attitude will be far more attractive and you’ll not ever have to ask someone to give you a happy ending. Happy people attract happy people and why would we ever want to end that?


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