Eiehsa Horn

Head2Toe Healing


Welcome to HEAD 2 TOE HEALING – I am your hands on masseuse, Eiesha Horn. While our primary location is inside of a Fort Worth, TX mall, we are mobile. We specialize in muscle relaxation and over all body health without the use of pharmaceuticals. We don’t condemn pharmaceuticals, neither do we sell or prescribe them.

At HEAD 2 TOE HEALING we believe in restoring the body back to it’s original alignment and nourishing a healthy core from the inside out by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and eating less processed (fast) food whenever humanly possible.

We believe in living a quality life and and believe that it should include massages as often as you can. You use your muscles daily – why not relax them more often?
Let us do the tissue work for you.

Eiesha Email


Current Clients:  Please post your massage comments on: KNOT B GONE.

We love hearing your testimonies of relaxation. the_happy_dance_by_steverowlands

Live easy.

— Eiesha Horn


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